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Its like the dream come true. Search Engine friendly backlinks are the heart and soul for a website that relies on Googles organic traffic. paid2like brings you the opportunity to enjoy hundreds of solid stable backlinks without worrying about your wallet. Its no hocus-pocus, no blackhat stuff, you get pure socially shared backlinks created by webmasters and users just like you. While you can paticipate in the system and exchange links for free, you can also run paid campaigns to enjoy set it and forget it comfort.

Crowdsource Link Building Tasks to Super Change SEO Efforts

paid2like created the platform where webmasters can harness the power of viral marketing done by mass people. Gone are the days of link farms, black hat tricks and software generated spam backlinks. Every link you get is a solid, manually created one. Users coming from all around the world take part in your link building campaign encouraged by small incentives giving you the most diversifying links, naturally!

Every Backlink has its Own Link Value and We Recognize This

Just like five fingers of your hand arent the same, backlinks do have different link values and we differentiate them accordingly. paid2like takes into count the Page Rank value, domain value, page content, keywords, page level depth, and other parameters to precisely calculate the value of each link created. And whats more, backlinks are constantly monitored to filter out link farms and low quality pages and to assure only permanent and stable backlinks count.

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ONLY sumbit backlinks that are PERMANENT or will remain unchanged for AT LEAST 60 DAYS
We periodically check all your submitted links to verify if the backlinks are live and still there.
Within 60 days after you submission if a link is found dead, you will have to resubmit and replace the dead link; until you do so you wont be able to participate in link building campaigns.